About the Artist

Artist’s Statement:4 Trees

“When I paint, I metaphorically go to some place special. It is a position that completely relaxes me as my brush takes on a life of its own. As an artist, my hope is to convey this feeling of calmness through my work so that others can experience this enjoyment.’

About Seashine Fine Art:
In Summerside, PEI you will find the Confederation Trail, which was once the railway route across PEI. Now an accessible track that accommodates walkers and cyclists, one would be hard pressed not to view this site as it passes through the centre of Summerside and then through, the heart of the region. Like many local treasures, nestled away in this picturesque community is Seashine Fine Art.

Artist Bobbi Dale is the creator behind Seashine Fine Art. Self-taught, Bobbi’s skill is as natural as the images that she creates using subjects which reflect the lovely beauty of this special island and its people. Depicting images that invite the viewer to share a special memory or place, one can easily relate to a sense of tranquility. These serene moments are evident in the artist’s skilful use of colour and shading that are quiet but moving whispers of what is always present in our natural surroundings.

Bobbi’s work has been successfully juried in art competitions and presently, she provides commissioned works to local, national and international audiences. Working in several mediums, she is not one who ‘paints to sell.’ Instead, her heart’s delight is to create work that is appealing and affordable to all walks of life.